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    NOTE: (Also useful for Indian Economics Services exam)

    Available in both Online and Offline modes

    Optional subject play a key role in the selection of a candidate in Civil Services Examination. It has a scope of scoring upto 330-350 which can easily give candidate head-start of nearly 30-50 marks in the run to interview.



    The details of the programme:

    12 sectional tests of 125 marks each

    2 full length tests (Paper 1 and Paper 2)

    2 simulated tests (Paper 1 and Paper 2) on the same day

    Assignments and Guidance is a dedicated portal for this course. You can enrol any time after the launch of the course and enjoy all the benefits of it for one full year. There shall be no restriction on the enrolment date. This has been devised to help you accommodate our courses according to the comfort of your preparation. Every student who has enrolled will have access to the following things.

    1. Evaluation of the answer copies by the Faculty.
    2. Direct chat with the faculty for further clarifications if any about the evaluated copies.
    3. LIVE Discussion of every Test, which includes detailed model answer for every question.
    4. Material of the model answers which have been used for discussion.
    5. LIVE classes every fortnight on current affairs.

    Paper Setting:

    Test papers are set by the faculty (specific subject expert) with the questions of higher relevance with the recent trend and the current affairs. The faculty have experience of setting thousands of questions, which have contributed to the thought stimuli and the right bent of mind. The question papers would be a proper blend of static and dynamic parts of the syllabus.  


    The evaluation is done by the faculty themselves sticking to the current evaluation scheme. The faculty have experience of correcting more than 10000 answers in the last decade. They have a first hand experience of understanding the need of the examination and the demand of each question. The evaluation is done with the scientific marking of all required subparts of the answer.

    Test Discussion:

    Every test will be discussed in full length and the appropriate advice will be given with respect to demand of each question. Answer template to each set of similar type of questions will be discussed. The value addition and unexplored dimensions will be given to each answer.


    To give a comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, the programme is designed to help candidates get feedback on answers to previous papers, value added study materials and links, and also hand hold the candidates thorough discussions of the topics as per syllabus.

    One-on-One Interaction:

    Each candidate will be provided an opportunity to interact with the faculty through technology-mediated appointment system. This will give a way for a personalised attention of faculty to each candidate. Through these sessions the candidates can correct many mistakes of them and learn from them.

    Doubt solving and assignment based learning is also included as part of the course.