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    This Pandemic has troubled us beyond proportion but as a compensation, it has given all of us the time to reset our lifestyles, goals and the attitude towards them. Even for Civil Services aspirants, it has given a breather to revisit their preparation for the exam and bring it on track.

    Since January, many aspirants must have focused only on Prelims as the competition for the Prelims is cutthroat and demanding. In that aspect, one must have compromised on the preparation for Optionals, Ethics, and Essay. Since there is ample time before focussing on the Prelims again, one can give time to these. In this pursuit, Manifest IAS has come up with a plan for the aspirants who have missed these parts.


    The ethics part of the syllabus would require a minimum of time to prepare to maximize scores. The proper coverage of the topics, preparation of essential notes, and the writing practice would help one to give a proper shape to the preparation.

    While understanding the situation, Manifest IAS had come up with the ethics module with the following features:

    • Comprehensive Coverage of the entire Ethics syllabus
    • Tests, Evaluation, Discussion, and feedback
    • Faculty support through regular live sessions and doubt clearing sessions
    • Appointment with faculty