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    The crisis at hand is seemingly extending longer than what we had anticipated earlier. This crisis has brought forth the best in us. Our commitment to  seamless dissemination of knowledge has increased leaps and bounds looking at your  response for our online initiatives of the recent past. A year in 90 videos!

    We were initially of the opinion that we should wait for the current crisis to end. But as the end does not seem to be around the corner any soon and the aspirants' need for quality classes is uncompromising, Manifest IAS as it has done in the past, will continuously reinvent itself to meet the needs of the students. Keeping up the verve we will be starting an Online Foundation Course i. e the IAG based MCP program for aspirants.                                     

    We are not just going online but we are going to go live on our dedicated portal. As our commitment to qualitative dissemination of knowledge is the driving force, we are not resorting to mere imitation of the offline classes online. We shall make the best use of the online domain by going live with live chat features, questionnaires, educational polls, supplementary handouts and integrated slides to say the least.                                      

    Our theme of Instruction- Assessment and Guidance has taken a radically dynamic form by going online. In the component of instruction, we are offering an offline simulated and additive live classes. In the component of Assessment with the traditional integrated prelims and mains test series, we are offering daily target based assignments to the students which will have the feature of peer evaluation and dedicated faculty support. Guidance as a component will necessarily go online as we were future-ready through our appointment system and mentorship programme. 

    This model of ours will bring out the best of e-Learning with a much needed blended approach to learning. As it is a novel experience for many aspirants in the online domain of education we are offering a Bridge course for students completely free of cost as a springboard tutorial for e-learning. The Bridge course is a short induction programme for the aspirants to have an immersive experience of our programme.               

    The Bridge course will be a technology and quality demonstrator from our side and it will also give the touch and feel of our e-learning methodologies to the aspirants.                               

    We have also brought about some critical and necessary changes in our IAG based MCP time table to better suit the online domain. Rather than having a 4 hour class of a single subject per day, we have creatively integrated two sessions of 2 hours each per day. We have the track record of conducting offline classes with tremendous commitment to our yearlong timetable without any cancellations and with superb programme reviews Watch here. We shall redouble our commitment to maintain the  same kind of consistency in our online classroom programme too.

    We believe in continuing the quality work even during this phase of lockdown, despite numerous challenges thrown at us. At this juncture, you might feel insecure ofing  attend offline classes but at the same time you are eager to start your preparation. The discomfort which online classes bring along with demands of huge fee for classes is only compounding the confusion of aspirants. Keeping in mind the current situation of the aspirants and the confusing situation they are in we have made the bridge course a completely free initiative. This will let them have exposure to e-learning and act as an induction programme for UPSC preparation. It is important to be calm, wise and patient and not fall for undue emerging trends of online classes without any tried and tested pedagogy.

    At the end of the Bridge course your  misconceptions about UPSC would have been busted, you would get a fair idea on the methods of answer writing having acclimatized oneself to the perspective required of an aspirant. As the course also includes sessions on newspaper reading, Essay brainstorming and essay structuring the aspirant would be well equipped to take a full-fledged dip into our online MCP course. 

    For further details about our MCP programme click here for a video tutorial of our MCP programme click here


    1. Approaching civil services and civil service exam.
    2. Live classes covering role of personalities, economy concepts, politics, law, environment etc.
    3. Assignments and discussion using dedicated portal (Learning Management System).
    4. One-on-one guidance using technology mediated appointment system.
    5. Notes, handouts and source materials
    6. Dedicated mentor support.
    7. Toppers talks.
    8. Preparation strategy.


    Course is completely free of cost.

    No disclaimer nor any condition.

    Know us, Meet us and then Join us.