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    Prelims Full Package and Module Wise classes for CSE-2021 attempt

    The pandemic has hit every section of the society and education is not an exception to it. It has put life out of gear, plans out of track. But as we have to find opportunities in the time of crisis, we have to realign and reorient to our goals.

    Even for a Civil Service aspirant this time solicits a lot of conviction and motivation. Meanwhile, UPSC has deferred the exam by more than 3 months. For any aspirant there are nearly 150 days from the day of deferment of the exam. Most of the aspirants must have made up their mind to give proper preparation in this period. Recognising the same, Manifest IAS has come up with the tailor-made ideas to cater to the demands of the whole spectrum of student community. In that direction, we are giving the videos of the classes covering the entire syllabus of Civil Services Preliminary Exam at an affordable cost.

    You can subscribe to these classes as one package or also choose one subject module

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    Features of the package and modules:

    • Comprehensive Coverage of the syllabus particularly Prelims
    • Class Handout pdfs
    • Faculty support through regular live sessions and doubt clearing sessions through google meet
    • Appointment with faculty

    Course Fees: Rs. 5000

    Modern India

    (1) Establishment of British Empire- Education, Social and Press policies etc.

    (2) Reactions and Rebellions against British Rule - Early Resistance and 1857 Revolt.

    (3) Socio- Religious reform Movements.

    (4) Rise of Middle classes, Moderate, Extremists and Evolution of Modern Politics (Swadeshi and Home Rule)

    (5) Rise of Gandhi and movements under Gandhian Nationalism.

    (6) Independence and Partition

    (7) Alternative Voices of the nation (Workers, Peasants, Dalit, Women and Dravidian)

    (8) Development of Judiciary, Civil Services, Police during British rule and miscellaneous topics

    (9) Ideological basis of the Colonial state

    (10) Evolution of British Indian empire through Regulating, Charter and Government of India acts

    (11) Economic Line of Indian History

    Add-on Feature:

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