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    First test is on 17th June.

    Tests will be held on every Monday and Thursday.

    There will be 10 tests. 8 sectional and 2 full length.

    The program consists of the following components.

    • 2 Sectional Tests for Paper-1 Part A
    • 2 Sectional Tests for Paper - 2 Part B
    • 2 Sectional Tests for Paper 2 Part A
    • 2 Sectional Tests for Paper 2 Part B
    • 2 Simulated Tests

    Unique Features

    • Tests will be evaluated by the Faculty himself through a unique part-wise system which will also help inculcate self-evaluative traits after a point in you. This will improve your judgement in separating a good from bad answer.
    • Evaluated copies will be given before the next test so that you can course correct with the given inputs
    • Test questions will be discussed after evaluation, giving students the standard approach in UPSC to fetch more marks.
    • Pdf material used for  the above discussion videos will also be  provided for quicker revision
    • Direct conversation with the faculty in case you need further clarification on the paper evaluated


    You can pay/transfer the fees and mail us the reference number and screenshot of transaction along with your full name and contact details to or WhatsApp or Telegram it to 9964432222 with your email id. Account details given below:

    FEES: Rs.8000/-

    Beneficiary name: MANIFEST LEARNING

    AXIS Bank account number: 919020072648736

    IFSC: UTIB0000468