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    *Available in both  Offline and Online  modes

    * First test is  on October 23,2021

    There will be 12 tests (8 Sectional and 4 Full length Tests)

    The program will consist of the following components.

    •  2 sectional tests for Paper I Part A before Prelims
    • 2 sectional tests for Paper II Part A before Prelims


    • 2 sectional tests for Paper I Part B

    after Prelims.

    • 2 sectional tests for Paper II Part B after Prelims
    •  4 full-length comprehensive tests paper wise

    • Sectional tests will be of 1.5 hours duration and will consist of 8 to 9 questions.

    • Full-length tests will be of 3 hours duration and will be designed on the lines  of  UPSC paper s.

    Unique Features

    • Tests will be evaluated by the Faculty himself through a unique part-wise system which will also help inculcate self-evaluative traits after a point in you. This will improve your  judgement in separating a good from  bad answer.
    • Evaluated copies will be given before the next test so that you can course correct with the given inputs
    • Test questions will be discussed after evaluation, giving students the standard approach in UPSC to fetch more marks.
    • Pdf material of the pots used for  discussion videos.
    • Direct talk  with the faculty in case you need  further clarification on the paper evaluated

    Exclusive Current Material!!

    Additionally, it will be supplemented by current pdf material , which will cover important topics of the year relevant for Mains .