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    There will be 16 tests (12 Sectional and 4 Full length Tests). 6 tests before Prelims and 10 after Prelims

    The program will consist of the following components

    • 3 sectional tests for Paper I Part A before Prelims
    • 3 sectional tests for Paper II Part A before Prelims
    • 3 sectional tests for Paper I Part B after Prelims
    • 3 sectional tests for Paper II Part B after Prelims
    • 4 full-length comprehensive tests paper wise

    Sectional tests will be of 1.5 hours duration and will consist of 8 to 9 questions.

    Full-length tests will be of 3 hours duration and will be designed as per the pattern of UPSC.

    Part B of both papers have been deliberately kept after Prelims as they are dynamic and require updating with current events. So, the tests will include questions on issues of events occurring even after Prelims. And these will be covered in exclusive Current Classes which will be held after Prelims is a dedicated portal for this course. You can enrol any time after the launch of the course and enjoy all the benefits of it for one full year. There shall be no restriction on the enrolment date. This has been devised to help you accommodate our courses according to the comfort of your preparation. Every student who has enrolled will have access to the following things.

    1. Evaluation of the answer copies by the Faculty.
    2. Direct chat with the faculty for further clarifications if any about the evaluated copies.
    3. LIVE Discussion of every Test, which includes detailed model answer for every question.
    4. Material of the model answers which have been used for discussion.
    5. LIVE classes every fortnight on current affairs.


    Unique Features

    • Tests will be evaluated by the Faculty himself through a unique part-wise system which will also help inculcate self-evaluative traits after a point in you. This will improve your judgement in separating a good from bad answer.
    • Evaluated copies will be given before the next test so that you can course correct with the given inputs
    • Test questions will be discussed after evaluation, giving students the standard approach in UPSC to fetch more marks.
    • Pdf material of the above discussion videos.
    • Direct conversation with the faculty in case you need further clarification on the paper evaluated

    Exclusive Current Classes!!

    Additionally, it will be supplemented by classes, which will cover the following components

    • Classes for all the current events of past one and half year relevant for the optional after Prelims
    • Pdf material of the above Current Class videos.